Look On The Bright Side

78: Let's Get Back To Gardening ft Chakayla Taylor

March 28, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
78: Let's Get Back To Gardening ft Chakayla Taylor
Show Notes

Did you think that gardening was a lost art form or reserved for grandmothers and women of leisure? Think again.

Your million-dollar business idea could be as simple as connecting to the wisdom passed to you through your lineage. This was the case for Chakayla Taylor, founder of The Power Plate, a spice goods company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this episode, Chakayla and I discuss her love for gardening, returning to our roots, and her plans to scale her company. 

For generations, families have expressed their love through food. Please tune in to hear Chakayla discuss how gardening has changed her life and made her an entrepreneur through signature spice blends and elixirs. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:03:54] Discovering our passion doesn't happen instantly - listen as Chakayla explains how her tapping into her childhood memories led her into her garden and the discovery she made about her family's heritage. 
  • [00:16:50] Studies show that gardening improves mental health by reducing stress, but for Chakayla, it's much more profound- here, she explains what gardening can teach us about life.
  • [00:22:56] Are you unsure about how to use Instagram for your product-based business? The Power Plates Instagram is the blueprint, and we're taking notes! 
  • [00:31:50] The Power Plate is gaining traction, but what's next. Listen as we discuss the resources needed to grow and scale your business. 
  • [00:41:41] Sometimes business lessons come from life's lessons- Chakayla explains why Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Birds Sings is a recommended read and the secret to getting your hands on her signature spice blends.
  • [00:51:17] What advice does Chakayla have for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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