Look On The Bright Side

81: Can We Change How America Views Black Men? Ft Evan Marshall

April 18, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
81: Can We Change How America Views Black Men? Ft Evan Marshall
Show Notes

Evan Marshall is the cultural engineer and the Vice President of partnerships of the Black Menswear. The mission of Black Menswear is to improve the perception of the black man and encourage positivity within the community. The focus of Black Menswear is on changing the negative narrative used by the media reflecting our culture to inspire the next generation of their true potential. Evan has worked with big brands such as Toyota, Nike, Belk, and NASCAR, among others. 

In today’s episode with Evan, we talk about all the amazing things Black Menswear is doing for our community. Happy listening!

Key Highlights

  • [03:11] How I connected with Evan
  • [07:02] About Evan Marshall
  • [10:11] Why is Evan so passionate about Black Menswear?
  • [13:04] Surprising things Evan has learned about himself.
  • [15:30] Negotiating brand partnerships
  • [18:59] What people misunderstand about what Black Menswear does
  • [23:21] Some of the upcoming Blackmenswear events
  • [25:46] The Gentlemen wine!
  • [28:00] Staying positive and looking on the bright side
  • [29:58] Evan describes his journey to entrepreneurship
  • [34:41] What really is success?
  • [36:31] Evan’s love-hate relationship with Drake
  • [39:30] What is abundance?
  • [41:22] What is Evan’s biggest win?

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Connect with BlackMenswear on Instagram | Website

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