Look On The Bright Side

82: Can You Really Get Paid For Doing Something You Love? ft Simone Agoussoye

May 02, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
82: Can You Really Get Paid For Doing Something You Love? ft Simone Agoussoye
Show Notes

Without a doubt, a hobby can become a career, and who better to prove this than someone who has lived it as a reality?

Meet today's guest, Simone Agoussoye, a Visual Artist, Graphics Designer, Mentor, and Teacher. 

In this episode, Simone describes her experience as a budding artist, offering insights into common challenges artists face, her passion for art, and key points from her success in the art world.

Episode Highlights:

  • [[01:21] How Simone and I met for the first time - she wasn’t too happy with me by the way.
  • [04:10] About our guest, Simone Agoussoye.
  • [06:48] Simone's art career started right from childhood when she did a portrait of herself and knew that she wanted to be an artist.
  • [10:54] The most difficult part about being an artist is pricing your artwork; it was a huge surprise for Simone as she realized how much people would pay for her art! 
  • [12:58] About Commissions: This involves being paid to create a painting for someone based on what they want and how they want it. It can constrain creativity due to the demands of the client. 
  • [16:09] Making out time to offer guidance to artists has been hugely important to Simone, especially because she didn't have any mentorship. She helps artists feel confident enough in themselves to charge good prices for their work because many people are truly amazed by their art. 
  • [23:54] How Simone uses Instagram reels to market her artworks, talk about her pricing, and help clients know what to expect from her. She also uses her content to inspire other artists as well as creators.
  • [28:22] Compared to her other forms of art, Glass Art has appealed to Simone most deeply. 
  • [31:49] Simone wants to be remembered as someone who stood up for the culture, supported black women, and helped other artists be proud of their work by selling at their worth.  
  • [34:21] A lot of parents would rather encourage their kids to focus on education more than what they love doing because of the mindset that such hobbies would not be lucrative. 
  • [36:30] Simone's biggest win was when one of her works was featured in a Museum in DC, and won the People's Choice Award and a monetary award. 
  • [39:35] This lesson applies to any field; whether you're a coach or seller, raise your prices to the actual value of your worth. Connect with Simone on Instagram

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