Look On The Bright Side

86: You Deserve Coaching ft Angelina Darrisaw

June 06, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
86: You Deserve Coaching ft Angelina Darrisaw
Show Notes

Coaching is critical for personal and professional development to strengthen you as an individual. With coaching we’re able to dig deeper and explore ourselves. 

Today’s guest, Angelina Darrisaw is the founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, a firm that offers expertly designed professional development and coaching programs for working professionals and small business leaders.

In this episode, Angelina and I discuss how we can use coaching to ensure we are living our lives with intention.

Key Highlights

[02:19] How I connected with Angelina

[04:03] Angelina’s favorite podcasts

[04:40] About Angelina Darrisaw

[06:59] What is C-Suite

[08:34] Looking for coaching?

[15:17] Why coaching matters for personal and professional development

[18:15] Surprising things Angelina has learned about herself 

[22:48] Building a Growth Mindset

[29:00] Unique challenges that female founders experience 

[33:34] Always advocate for yourself in business

[34:47] Don’t discount your magic 

[35:29] How does Angelina want to be remembered 

[37:34] Angelina’s biggest win

[39:15] Finding capacity for yourself in a service based business

[44:30] Comparison is the thief of joy

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