Look On The Bright Side

88: How Laughter Changed My Life ft EJ Speaks

June 20, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
88: How Laughter Changed My Life ft EJ Speaks
Show Notes

Today’s guest is Ejspeaks, a wife, mother and content creator who has turned comedy into coin by creating hilarious yet relatable content. Like many, Ejspeaks became a full-time digital creator during the pandemic, and after seeing how much money she could make from her content, she knew it was something she could pursue further to take care of her family.

In today’s episode, Ejspeaks and I discuss her journey to dominating social media and how using laughter changed her life. Happy listening!

Key Highlights

[02:04] Where Ejspeaks gets the inspiration for her videos

[03:20] How I connected with Ejspeaks

[07:12] About Ejspeaks

[10:00] People didn’t like this pivot 

[11:45] How Ejspeaks started doing comedy

[13:19] The pandemic made her a full-time content creator

[15:44] How Ejspeaks’ monetizes her content

[18:20] Something surprising Ejspeaks has learned about herself 

[21:48] Can you guess how often Ejspeaks makes content? You’ll be shocked!

[23:53] The number 1 thing an entrepreneur needs to do

[25:18] Ejspeaks makes this much from YouTube 

[30:47] Ejspeaks’ top strategy for success

[32:30] How does Ejspeaks want to be remembered 

[33:50] Ejspeaks’ biggest win

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