Look On The Bright Side

89: Is Getting Less Sleep #Goals?

September 13, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
89: Is Getting Less Sleep #Goals?
Show Notes

Many of us know that we feel better after “a good night’s sleep” and more grumpy or foggy if sleep deprived. And there is now robust evidence similarly supporting that sleep is critical to not only our physical health but also our mental health. Poor or insufficient sleep has been found to increase negative emotional responses to stressors and to decrease positive emotions.

For some, skipping sleep is a sign of strength and productivity and success. But is being exhausted goals?


[03:32] Negative effects of  lack of sleep

[06:09] Successful people don’t sleep?

[07:02] Time management is key

[09:11] Don’t let a lack of sleep compromise your work

[10:10] How to get more time for your side business without compromising sleep

[15:31] Tips for getting better sleep

[22:15] How we helped our son with ADHD improve his sleep

[27:05] How diet impacts your sleep

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