Look On The Bright Side

44: What To Do If You Have A Fear Of Starting?

December 30, 2019 Jenell B. Stewart | Award Winning Editor| Educate, Empower and Engage
Look On The Bright Side
44: What To Do If You Have A Fear Of Starting?
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My first theme that we're going to dive into for 2020 is Start Before You're Ready. This is going to be so impactful because as a business coach, as a course creator, I am meeting so many people that I have to continuously motivate to do this very thing.

Today we are discussing the fear of starting. If you're someone that is often fearful and usually has a hard time with moving past your fear to make the decisions you want to make or do those things that you've set up for yourself to do here are the things that I do. 

I'm sharing what I've done to make the transition from what I think I want to do and actually doing it and how this has guided me to move past fear. With these steps that I'm sharing I don't have fear and I'm always able to take the necessary steps in order to get from point A to point B.


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the general. Be sore podcast. I am your host and I'll be Stuart and award winning business coach, keynote speaker and content creator. The Gin L. B. Stuart podcast is designed to educate and power and engage. My goal is to have you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered after you listen to each episode. Welcome to Episode 44. In last week's episode, we discussed how to be successful in 2020 and 2020 is finally here. So happy New Year. Now I know if you're listening to this episode on the day it goes live. Technically, it is not New Year's, but it will be in two days, so most of you probably will hear this in the new year. Which makes this so appropriate to say my next episode won't be out until almost the second week of the new year. So I want to get it out of the way now. Now, in this episode, what we're gonna be doing is starting the beginning of a new series that I want to do in 2020. I shared with you a couple episodes back that while on vacation with my business partner that we basically outlined what 2020 was gonna look like for us as it relates, tow my business as it relates to the programs that I deliver the trainings that I do the Webinars as well as the podcast in my whole social media. So with that being said, my first theme that we're going to dive into is starting before you're ready. And I know that this is going to be so impactful because as a business coach, as a course creator, I am meeting so many people that I have to continuously motivate to do this very thing. Okay, so what this new Year of podcasting is goingto look like will be slightly different from what you've seen on this podcast before. And I'm looking forward to these changes, and I think that these changes are going to have a really good impact on listenership as well as engagement. So my schedule is going to change slightly. Instead of having a podcast episode every week from now on, I'm going to have a podcast episode every other week and in the in between weeks, I'm going to have a Facebook live webinar. So if you're not already on my email list. You should absolutely get on it because that's where you'll get the information and the updates about my Facebook live webinars what they're going to be about, what day they're going to be on and what time I am going live. What I'm going to Dio is balance out my podcasts, my podcast. No, let me not say that. Now, for the next fuck for January and February, my focus is going to be on the discussion of starting before you're ready. This is an exciting topic because as a business coach and a course creator, I'm meeting people every day that are highly intimidated about taking the first step. And so we're gonna tackle this fear we're gonna tackle. These issues were gonna tackle these insecurities on this podcast in 2020. I'm going to add show notes. The link will be in the description of this podcast. So if there's anything that I'm saying today that you want to have on hand or you want to review or just refer back to without having to listen to the episode again, you can absolutely go ahead and click that link when you're done listening of course and get the show notes. But I just wanted to point that out because I know some people are probably maybe driving or cooking or doing laundry or in the shower. All of those were places where I actually listen to podcasts. So I'm projecting. Maybe you're sitting at your desk with a pen and paper. Who knows? I'm just saying. So let's happen to today's episode. They were discussing the fear of starting, and with that being said, our discussion is focusing on what to do if you have, ah, fear of starting now, I have to be honest. God didn't put the spirit of fear in me, so it is very hard for me to relate to people who live in fear. I have to keep it real. And I know there's probably some of you who are who are also like me, where you're like you just don't get it like, what is the big deal? Just do it right. If you really want to do it in your passionate just do it now. The irony is that has a business coach and, of course, creator. I now have to work with people who have a hard time with fear and I don't really relate to them. Right. So through my work and through my research and through my studying, I'm learning more about how to handle fear from someone who doesn't have it. Okay, so I'm going to be all the way real with you now. I wanted to share what I've done to make the transition from what I think I want to do and actually doing it and how this has guided me. And I think that what these steps that I'm gonna share with you, our part of the reason why I don't have fear is because I always take these necessary steps in order to get from point A to point B. So my tips that I want to give to you today if you're someone that is often fearful and usually has a hard time with moving past your fear to make the decisions you want to make or do those things that you've set up for yourself to dio here are the things that I d'oh. Now the first thing is I evaluate what it is I want to dio as a part of this conversation. I'm going to share multiple examples toe help Relate what I'm discussing to a number of people. Okay, Now the first thing I do when I'm ready to start things is I look at what is it? I want to D'oh! So the first example is going to be I want to lose weight. And I discussed this with you. All in my I got a weight loss coach podcast that I was having a hard time with my weight. The next thing I look at is how soon do I want to do this? So for me, I wanted to do this relatively quickly, right? I was looking to lose weight. Not in the next five years, but I wanted to be able to lose weight and start losing weight within within a few weeks like there's no reason why you can't lose a few pounds or two in a month. Right? So I had that set. Next thing is what skills are needed. I struggled with my weight. I've struggled with this on and off. I've had moments where I've done really well and I've had moments when I've done poorly. I've had moments where I was doing so well and I thought that I was making proper decisions and then all of a sudden, bam like I wasn't losing weight anymore. And I was gaining, gaining, gaining. And obviously, as I age, losing the weight becomes more challenging. So I knew that I needed to understand more about proper nutrition. And based on what I had done thus far, what I thought was healthy wasn't working. So I needed to understand a little bit more about my body and why it wasn't responding to the decisions that I was making. I needed to understand more about how to eat for whatever I guess biologically is my bye bye, my body type. My, my, my I don't know, Um, I'm not exactly sure, but I felt like those were something that I needed, like maybe because this is my size, I need to learn how to eat differently. Maybe because of my activity, I need to learn how to eat differently. And also what type of physical activity would be good for me because what I am doing now has worked before, But it's not really having the same impact, and I also knew, and this is the most important thing that I needed to figure out my relationship with food. While it wasn't a bad relationship where I was making really poor decisions all the time, I struggled with my weight, and I think maybe a better way to say this instead of my relationship with food. Maybe it's my fixation on my weight. Always worried about my week and because I gained weight and lose weight so easily. There's times when I'm so committed and I'm dropping the pounds. And then as soon as I fall off, like immediately, the pounds creep back on and that roller coaster is extremely frustrating. So I knew I needed tools and guidance and support and discovering thes things because I didn't have them. So that would be how I would approach a situation like that if I determine that I don't have all the information that I need to get some support. Okay, so here is example Number two to help you understand how I approach new things. So I decided a few years ago that I wanted to start an online boutique and I wanted to sell Children's clothing all right. I had no experience or background in this. It was something that I said I wanted to do, and I decided I was gonna, you know, figure it out. So once again, what is it that I want to dio? I want to open up an online boutique and I want to sell Children's clothing. The second thing I ask myself is, How soon do I want to do this? So I believe at the time it might have been the end of the year, and I wanted it to be available by the spring. So I think I was giving myself about four months, probably five months maximum. Before I was ready, I felt like it would be a good time to launch. What skills are needed is 1/3 thing that I ask myself and I start writing them down. Well, I need to understand how to create a store online. How do I look? Put the merchandise on the website. How do I ship things? How do I get orders? Um, and also one of the biggest things is where do I get merchandise from? Like, those were the things that I needed to like answer because I didn't have the skills, right? So here's another perfect perfect example of something I really wanted to dio. But I lack the skills and it's okay that I lack the skills because it's just a ny idea. At this point right now. Let me talk to you about 1/3 and final example. I had decided many years ago that I wanted to start a blogged. So that was my objective. That was the answer to the question. What do you want to dio? I wanted to start a blawg where I could share my natural hair journey with the women who were out there. I wasn't necessarily like having a goal off being an influencer or being like a famous blogger. That wasn't a thing then. However, I just wanted to share my natural hair journey, and that was like my priority. Right? So how soon do I want to do this? I actually wanted to do it right away as soon as possible. I had already done my big chop where I cut off all my natural hair and I was ready to begin chronicling this experience online. So I was ready to go a sap. No long term timeline right now. Okay, Now, the next thing I asked myself or what skills are needed? Well, I need to learn how to set up a blogged. I need to learn how to write blawg posts. I need to figure out how I'm going to take photos to put on the blawg. And I needed to figure out how I was going to, um, how I was gonna get people to read the blawg, and that was kind of like my main priority at the time. Those were the things that I needed to know in order to, you know, move forward. Now I'm hoping that you can relate toe one of those three examples as they're very unique right there, each touching on something very different than the other. So I want you to answer the same questions that I've asked myself. I want you to answer them for yourself about something that you want to dio and remember. Those questions are what do I want to d'oh And I would even encourage you, especially if you are someone who struggles with fear. Toe ask a secondary question toe. Let's put this as as, like, one point a And that would be why Why do you want to do this question, too, is how soon do you want to do this? Question three is what skills are needed. And if you are someone that lives in fear, I would encourage you to do like a three a question which would be what's your ultimate goal? Because that will definitely help move you out of fear and into more of excitement. So I am going to explain step by step, how I position myself to get ready. And I'm gonna talk to you about those things that I'm doing that take the answers from this question and begin applying them because what I find is that people who are fearful whether it be fearful of failure, fear, fearful of success, which is fearful of like trying whatever that is, the often just don't know the steps to take. And they're like stuck. So I want to get you unstuck. So start with this and make sure you sign up for my email us so that we can see each other next week on my Facebook live webinar. And if I don't see you next week, I will see you. The week after in the next podcast episode, all right. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. As always, I am always looking for reviews. I know how you feel when you take the time to review my podcast. And if you're listening on iTunes, you can leave me a review there, and I will be able to feature it in an upcoming episode. Not listening on iTunes. Well, you can always show your feedback with me by tweeting me at general be Stuart instagramming me at MLB Stewart or facebooking me at general be Stuart. It takes us a couple seconds. Another thing you can do to support this podcast is share. The more you share, the more ears that will be listening. And it really supports what it is that I'm doing here. And I really appreciate you for that. Now, before we go, I want to leave you with a quote. This quote is directed to those of you who are fearful of starting. If you're passionate about something and there's someone else already doing it, this shouldn't be a deterrent. This shows there's a demand challenge yourself to make it your own. All right, everyone, I want you to have a great week and as always, I love you for listening By