Look On The Bright Side

61: My Plans To Make Me Happier In 2022

November 29, 2021 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
61: My Plans To Make Me Happier In 2022
Show Notes

Hey Loves, 2022 is knocking -- are you ready to create and commit to YOUR happiness this year?

In this week's episode, I am sharing four commitments I'm making towards my happiness -- and several ways you and I can work, learn, and grow together while doing some of my favorite things!

  • [00:02:25] Are you an avid reader but don't have much time to indulge? - Join me on Audible as I commit to reading/listening more in 2022. 
  • [00:08:48] I love connecting with my community, so I am introducing Book Club - Our first book is Will by Will Smith's. Want to join the conversation? Connect with me in the Patreon community. 
  • [00:11:03] Beauty treatment or torture chamber room - What brazilian waxes taught me about expectations and why I'm not doing them anymore.
  • [00:23:10] Ready to launch your online course but don't know how? Work with me in my new small group coaching program. Click here for more details.  


  • The start of a new year signals our need to transform and evolve. Learn how committing to happiness enhances every area of our lives. 
  • Happiness is about doing what you love and releasing things that no longer serve you. Want to know what I'm giving up? Tune in for a good laugh that I know my ladies will understand. 
  •  Do you love this episode - Head over to the blog to read:  4 areas to focus on in 2022 to make yourself happier, wealthier, and more fulfilled. 

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