Look On The Bright Side

63: Writing Down Your Goals Is A Must!

December 13, 2021 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
63: Writing Down Your Goals Is A Must!
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You know that setting goals are a critical part of setting yourself up for success - but did you know that writing your goals down activates them and increases your chances of achieving them? There is power in the pen. Learn how to use it to target, lock-in, and fulfill your deepest desires. Join me to learn 8 reasons why writing your goals down is a must!


  1. Do you have a goal or a wish?
  2. Tip #1 Motivation is great, but you'll need an internal drive to make your goal a reality 
  3. Tip #2 The definition of Total Recall is the ability of an individual to recall a large number of images, sounds accurately, learn why writing a goal down activates total recall and why it's important.
  4. Tip #3 Ever feel like your goals are a moving target? This is how you use writing to concentrate your efforts. 
  5.  Tip #4 Making it tangible makes it real - experience the magic of interacting with your goals.
  6. Tip #5 Tap in to unlock the full potential of your brain. 
  7.  Tip #6 Increase your chances of reaching your goals by 42% 
  8. Tip #7 Anyone can write a goal down, so what do high achievers do differently? Here I'm revealing their secrets.  
  9. Tip #8 How our goals facilitate happiness

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