Look On The Bright Side

64: Ready to Get Your Expert Business Started?

December 20, 2021 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
64: Ready to Get Your Expert Business Started?
Show Notes

The Truth Is I'm Tired - tired of you betting on everyone else but yourself. 

I promise this episode is coming from a place of love but honestly, I am tired of seeing so many talented women bet on everyone but themselves. I'm not here to glamourize entrepreneurship; instead, I want to offer you the same gift that changed my life 12-years ago - The gift of self-belief.

In 2022, I want to provide you with everything you need for your BIGGEST transformation, and we're starting with this episode. We're going on a journey - at times, it will get rocky, but I promise you the view from the Bright Side is worth it. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:01:35] How many ways can you turn your expertise into an online business? In this episode, I share a few that may surprise you. 
  • [00:01:50] Starting a business doesn't have to be complicated. The path to entrepreneurship can be as simple as downloading an app.  
  • [00:02:07] I am willing to bet that you are selling yourself short in the skills department - let me show you how to take inventory. 
  • [00:06:58] Starting and growing your expert business will take consistency.  Here I share how to build a business you'll love today AND tomorrow.
  • [00:08:45] This is how to showcase your expertise and get paid your worth.
  • [00:10:19] Starting a business is just the beginning - here are the secrets to long-term growth. 


  • There's a millionaire inside of you. Unfortunately, too many of us have been taught to sell ourselves short. In this episode, I will show you how to make your million dollar list (aka your skills assessment)
  • Experts concentrate on their zone of genius while building a community to support them. Learn how members of my private coaching membership - The Flourish Group - support and learn from each other. 
  • This week on the blog, I'm sharing how my client and single mother Jeanine built her expert business in 6-months and is earning while she learns.

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The Flourish Group: 

Are you really trying to launch, grow, or scale your online business alone? “Growth is never by mere chance, it's the result of forces working together”. James Penney 

The Flourish Group is your chance to receive business coaching, mastermind with other business owners, and access to resources and mentorships that will help you narrow down your niche, launch a new product or service, or hire your first team member. No more piecing together information about how to grow your online business--Your monthly membership includes 2- live Q&A calls with me.

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