Look On The Bright Side

67: It's Time To Evolve ft Majesty Acheampong

January 10, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
67: It's Time To Evolve ft Majesty Acheampong
Show Notes

Who do you call when you want to get Industry Leading Creators like   Dayna Bolden, Marche Robinson, and Sara Lovestyle in one room to teach monetization, growth hacks, and business building for Influencers? 

The answer is Majesty Acheampong, creator of Ignite Your Influence, an annual live event in Charlotte, N.C. 

In this episode, Majesty shares how she manages the demands of working full-time with building her brand, tips for evolving in your business, her thoughts about staying relevant as a content creator, and how you can Ignite Your Influence.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:03:33] Get to know Majesty Acheampong
  • [00:04:28] What Target and Sephora taught Majesty about Igniting Her Influence and aligning her career goals with her passion
  • [00:08:44] How this mom-to-be manages her time between working and building a thriving empire - and why she has no plans on quitting either!
  • [00:19:24] Despite sharing the stage with some of the biggest influencers, Majesty dealt with Imposter Syndrome - these are her tips for pushing through. 
  • [00:22:32] How she stays relevant and on top of changes in the industry and the importance of Collaboration over Competition 
  • [00:33:09] Do you need a big team to grow your business? Majesty answers this question and takes us behind the curtain to see how she's building her empire.
  • [00:39:04] Majesty is committed to supporting black creators - learn more about how she's giving back.
  • [00:43:56] These books and resources keep Majesty inspired to Look On The Bright Side when life and business get hectic. 
  •  [00:51:00] Do you want to know more about how Majesty landed her job at Facebook? How she balances her busy schedule while pregnant? Join us on Patreon to get the tea you won't hear anywhere else. 


  • It is possible to not only manage a full-time job and a business; Majesty shows us how to thrive in both.
  •  By the end of this episode, you will know how to keep your brand evolving, the secrets of time management, and the importance of investing in yourself.  
  • Support, Systems, and Sisterhood are how Majesty is helping creatives of color Ignite Their Influence. In this week's blog post, we're talking about building your influence with these three elements. 

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