Look On The Bright Side

68: Taking Risks As A Perfectionist ft Michael Artis

January 17, 2022 Jenell B. Stewart
Look On The Bright Side
68: Taking Risks As A Perfectionist ft Michael Artis
Show Notes

Hey Loves, sometimes the biggest flex for every entrepreneur is finding the nerve to start and the motivation to stay consistent. These two factors are responsible for the success of every thought leader and change-maker like my next guest, Michael Artis, Media Advertising Executive and Designer/Creative Director of the street-wear label, MALL ANOMALY.  

In this episode, Michael shares how perfectionism prevented him from launching his brand - despite having everything he needed at his fingertips - and his steps to get started. We cover everything from creation, industry -tools to producing your own quality photoshoot. This episode is for everyone AND anyone who allows perfectionism (which is really Imposter Syndrome repackaged) to prevent them from taking action on their million-dollar idea.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • [00:02:00] Get to know Michael Artis and learn how this Media Advertising + Tech Executive manages his thriving career and building his street-wear brand, MALL ANOMALY
  • [00:05:05] Learn how Michael's Liberian roots and a trip to a market in the city of Monrovia cemented his vision and what representation means to him. 
  • [00:13:04] This is the blueprint for my fashion -lovers who are falling into the Trap of Perfectionism
  • [00:18:16] Let's talk about the tools, systems, and services you need to launch your brand. 
  • [00:25:53] Avoid these mistakes for a successful launch
  • [00:35:03] The importance of telling your brand's story & being ready to pitch it at anytime
  • [00:45:34] Michael's advice for staying authentic and true to your brand


  • If time permits, learn everything you can about running your business before outsourcing - skills like Photoshop, Project-Management, and Event Marketing are all transferrable. Your skills can be leveraged into additional revenue streams as you grow. 
  • Perfectionists obsess over details which sometimes hinders them; however, in the case of customer service, the details matter! Go the extra mile and give everyone "the white glove treatment," says Michael Artis. 
  • Is perfectionism stopping you from taking risks? Join me over on the blog as I share 7 -Steps For Perfectionists Who Struggle With Getting Started, inspired by this interview with Michael Artis.

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  • Follow MALL ANOMALY on Instagram 
  • Shop Mall Anomaly save 15% with code Brightside15
  • Join Mall Anomaly Newsletter and get a free shipping code
  • Audible Recommendations based on this Episode: Try Will Smith's Book or Listen To Daymond John to share how he launched his fashion line, FUBU. 

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